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Fundamentals Information

Security Policy

The University of Shizuoka Global COE Program, managed by the Shizuoka Prefecture Public University Corporation, (hereafter “the University”) shall appropriately handle personal information in accordance with “Shizuoka Prefecture Ordinance on Protecting Personal Information.”
This section discusses how the University acquires, uses, and protects personal information of users of the University of Shizuoka Global COE Program's official website (hereafter “the Website”).

Scope of the Security Policy

The policy described here shall be applied to web pages under the following URLs:

Acquisition of Personal Information

Information that can possibly identify an individual (name, address, telephone number, date of birth, etc.) shall be acquired by the University through inquiries, information requests, or application to seminar/course.

Use of Personal Information

The personal information acquired by the University shall be used solely for answering inquiries and sending out information about the University, its courses, and its services.
The usage of any personal information shall be stated clearly on the webpage from which the personal information is acquired.

Non-disclosure of Personal Information

The University shall not, in principle, provide or disclose users' personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the user.
In the case where the operation of the University requires the University to disclose personal information to a third party, the University shall bind an agreement with the third party or take other appropriate measures to prevent leakage or re-provision of the personal information.

Modification and Deletion of Personal Information

The University shall modify, update, or delete the personal information acquired when requested by the individual who supplied the information.

Management of Personal Information

Recognizing the importance of acquired personal information and its management, the University has designated a usage-specific administrator who controls the collected personal information under a specific guideline and management system.
The University also makes utmost efforts to prevent illegal access to the server environment that manages the Website and to protect user information from tapping, alteration, theft, or any other illegal act.

Secure Socket Layer

The Website uses an internet cryptographic protocol called the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is recognized today as the most practical and reliable technology to ensure the secure transmission of personal information.
Personal information in the Website is encrypted when transmitted so that the Website users may use the site safely.

Access Log

The University maintains an access log of users who visit the Website (e.g., page visited, time of access, information from the page visited immediately before the user accessed the Website, keywords used in a search engine to find the Website). This information is used solely to manage the Website and to analyze page access, and shall not be used to acquire information that identifies an individual.

Links to External Websites

Although this Website contains links to external sites, personal information is not shared with these sites. The University shall not be held responsible for the acquisition of personal information in these external websites. Please consult the relevant websites’security policies for further information.


For more information about the Personal Information Protection Policy, please contact the Public Relations Office at the Education Research Promotion Division.

University of Shizuoka Global COE Program Office
52-1 Yada, Suruga Ward
Shizuoka City
Shizuoka Prefecture 422-8526, Japan
Telephone: +81-54-264-5126
Fax: +81-54-264-5099

Updating the Website

The Personal Information Protection Policy was made public on April 14, 2008.
Any modification of the policy shall be announced on the Website’s homepage.