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Graduate Schools

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Organic Chemistry
1. Synthesis of new heterocyclic compounds having chemical and biological potentials
2. Synthesis of organofluorine compounds having chemical and biological potentials
3. Design of molecular catalysts and their application to organic synthesis
4. Synthesis of biologically potential sugar derivatives

Analytical Chemistry
1. Development of fluorescent chiral tagging reagents and their application to chiral drugs
2. Highly selective and sensitive determination of biologically important compounds
3. Development of methodologies for the in vivo determination of biological substances and drugs
4. Creation of biosystem-integrated chip and its application to medicine

1. Functional glycomics of viral Infection and Its application for the antiviral drugs
2. Structure and function of disease related glycogenes
3. Glycobiology of infectious disease, cancer, inflammation, and drug discovery
4. Studies on glycoconjugates and related molecules

Molecular Toxicology
1. Polymorphism of xenobiotic (drug)-metabolizing enzymes and susceptibility toward xenobiotics
2. Mechanism for the induction of xenobiotic (drug)-metabolizing enzymes, especially cytochromeP450
3. Search of the causative genes for lifestyle-related diseases and its application for the prevention
4. Molecular biological and physiological studies on the role of ATP receptors

1. Biosynthesis and bioengineering of secondary metabolites in plants
2. Phytochemical research on estrogenic, anti-allergic, anti-malarial, anti-dementia active herbs
3. Bioorganic chemistry of natural product biosynthesis
4. Identification of steroidal hormones agonist/antagonist in plant resources

Microbiology & Immunology
1. Potentiation of mucosal immunity and development of therapeutic IgA monoclonal antibodies
2. Molecular glycobiological studies on lymphocyte homing
3. Studies on pathogenesis of bacteria focused on the interaction with host cells
4. Trafficking of dendritic cells and macrophages during sensitization phase of contact hypersensitivity

Division of Medicinal Sciences

Physical Biochemistry
1. Elucidation of architectural principle and development of prediction method for biomolecular structures
2. Studies on structure and property of polymer gels and engineering and technology of water
3. Physical chemistry of biomembrane surfaces
4. Relationship between three-dimensional structure and biological function of biological macromolecules

Bioorganic Chemistry
1. Studies on structure-function relationship of neuroendocrine substances
2. Studies on intracellular metabolism of regulatory peptides and molecular mechanism of their receptors
3. Development of immunochemical microassay systems for bioorganic substances
4. Analysis of homeostatic biosystem affected by aging and stress

Synthetic Organic & Medicinal Chemistry
1. Total synthesis of bioactive natural products
2. Synthesis of polycyclic aromatic compound
3. Design and synthesis of probe molecules toward elucidation of biological functions
4. Development of novel synthetic methodology

Pharmaceutical Engineering
1. Design of functional dosage forms
2. Dispersed systems & polymer drugs
3. Drug delivery systems of nanosphere liposomes
4. Biochemical modulation in cancer therapy

Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Product
1. Natural product chemistry for drug discovery
2. Search for drug leads from plants and animals
3. Synthetic studies of biological active compounds
4. Isolation of carcinogens and anti-carcinogens

Medical Biochemistry
1. Development of liposomal DDS for efficient chemotherapy, antineovasuclar therapy and gene therapy
2. Mechanistic study on metastasis and development of antiangiogenic or antimetastatic agents
3. Novel drug development for functional diagnosis and treatment of various diseases
4. Analysis of brain functions and prevention of psychological diseases focused on action of essential trace metals

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
1. Development of new methods for asymmetric syntheses via enzyme-organometal combo catalyses
2. Development of environmentally benign organic reactions
3. Total syntheses of biologically important natural products
4. Organic synthesis for generation of new drug candidates

Center for Drug Discovery
1. Development of drug screening systems employing chemical genomics approaches
2. Discovery of small molecule seeds to treat cancer or infectious diseases
3. Practical lead optimization studies to generate drug candidates
4. Analysis and regulation of intracellular networks with small molecules

Division of Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Clinical Pharmaceutics & Pharmacy Practice
1. Clinical Pharmacokinetics
2. Mechanisms which cause adverse drug reactions and methods of their prevention
3. Epidemiologic study of clinical effects and adverse drug reactions
4. Factors which cause symptoms of diabetes mellitus

Clinical Molecular Cell Biology
1. Study on the regulation of biosynthesis and metabolism of lipid mediators
2. Study on the reversible signal transduction of platelet associated with PAF-receptor
3. Study on induction of drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters mediated by transcriptional factors
4. Study on genetic polymorphism in drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters responsible for drug metabolism

Molecular Medicine
1. Study on the progressive mechanisms of life style-related diseases
2. Study on function and metabolism of glycoproteins in physiological and pathological states
3. Study on the kinetics of endogenous and inflammatory components
4. Study on the stress markers and their evaluation systems

Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
1. Integrated study on pharmacokinetics, drug-receptor binding and pharmacodynamics
2. Analysis of genetic polymorphisms of drug-metabolizing enzyme, transporters and receptors
3. Therapeutic usefulness of health foods and their beneficial and harmful interaction with drugs
4. Basic research on the toxicity mechanism of xenobiotics and their active metabolites

1. Signaling mechanisms for mechanotransduction in vascular, skeletal muscle, and pancreatic β cells
2. Basic research which aims at development of new drugs acting on ion channels
3. Signaling mechanisms underlying diabetic development, and application to disease prevention
4. Physiological regulation of microcirculation, and application to disease therapy

Clinical Pharmacology & Genetics
1. Analysis of genetic polymorphisms affecting to the efficacy of drugs for personalized medicine
2. Analysis of disease-related genetic polymorphisms for prevention and treatment of the diseases
3. Analysis of plasma proteins inducible by the drug administration for prevention of adverse effect of drugs
4. Development of human antibody-based medicines useful for diagnosis and therapy of the diseases

Drug Evaluation & Informatics
1. Analysis and evaluation of clinical researches on the basis of EBM and biostatistics
2. Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical drugs and health foods
3. Verification of usefulness of the investigated candidate compounds in the new drugs
4. Study for improving the infrastructure of clinical trials conducted in the study sites