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GCOE program accomplished

Successful completion of the GCOE program and its successor institution

The University of Shizuoka Global COE Program "Global Center of Excellence for Innovation in Human Health Science" was completed on schedule in March, 2012. The Global COE program has developed a novel research field--human health sciences--by facilitating fruitful research collaboration between the food and nutritional sciences and the pharmaceutical sciences. New PhD program in the health and longevity science has also been provided by the program, resulting that a number of promising experts who devote themselves to the progressing research field have been nurtured.

The achievements made in the Global COE program led to the introduction of a new graduate school to University of Shizuoka. The new graduate school, Graduate School of Integrated Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Sciences, established in April 2012, successively provides the opportunity of higher education for the students. The research facilities, faculties and other educational resources developed in the Global COE program are integrated and succeeded to the novel graduate school. The opportuniy for the higher education in the health and longevity sciences and the state-of-the-art research projectes stemmed from the GCOE program is presently provided in the novel graduate school for the future PhD candidates.

To see and learn the novel graduate school, visit Graduate School of Integrated Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Sciences

The website policy since Apr. 2012

As scheduled, the University Shizuoka's Global COE program comes to its end with great successes in March 2012. Since no seminars and events are organized by the COE program thereafter, this website also cease uploading/updating any further information and topics unless otherwise required.

The web pages and contents that consist this website are left as they are for the users convenience. Although the users can freely access to and browse those web contents for the time being, the user also need to be aware of that the documents and description in the contents may contain out-of-dated or no-longer-valid announcements.

All copyrights in the contents are retained to University of Shizuoka and the person who originally provided those components.