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The final update: GCOE program completion

The final update of the seminar & event list

Due to the successful completion of the GCOE program, which comes to the end in March 31, 2012, any further seminars or academic events are no longer orgnized by the GCOE program. In accordance with the completion, the update of this "Seminars & Event List" will come to halt thereafter. The entire list of the seminars and events organized by the program will be left in "Seminar & Events" as a record so that you can learn what kind of research activities and education have progressed in the program. You can freely access any contents in the liset and browse them, although you need to be aware of that some information involved in the record may be invalid so far.

Apr 1, 2012: Novel Institute for Health and Longevity Science

The annual seminars and conferences, educational programs including SHEP as well as those developed in the Global COE programs are succeeded to the novel graduate school, Graduate School of Integrated Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Sciences. Announcements for those events will be made in the novel graduate school's website, of which information will appear in "Undergraduate & Graduate School" directly.