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Young Researchers' Presentation Study 100716

Global COE Program -Young Researchers' Presentation Study 100716-

Young Researchers' Presentation Study 20100716

Date: July 16, 2010 10:00~12:00
Place: Conference Room 3, University of Shizuoka

(1) 10:00~
Graduate School of Nutritional and Environmental Sciences

Ms. Tsugane

Genetic analysis of an elongated-culm rice mutant with a large chromosomal deletion
Mika Tsugane (D3)
(Laboratory of Plant Molecular Improvement)

Ms. Pervin

Effects of a Japanese mistletoe lectin on cytokine gene expression in human colonic carcinoma cells and in the mouse intestine
Monira Pervin (D3)
(Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry)

Dr. Suzuki

Ontogenetic changes of histone modifications and polymerase II binding in the promoter region of rat intestinal sugar transporter genes in vivo
Takuji Suzuki (PD)
(Laboratory of Nutritional Physiology)

(2) 11:00~
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mr. Koide

Elucidation of the ABC phenomenon caused by the repeat injection of PEG-modified liposomes
Hiroyuki Koide (D3)
(Department of Medical Biochemistry)

Mr. Aihara

Synthetic study of tea polyphenols
Yoshiyuki Aihara (D3)
(Department of Synthetic Organic and Medical Chemistry)

Mr. Hatanaka

Nano-emulsion formulation improves pharmacokinetic and pharmacological properties of alpha-tocopherol
Junya Hatanaka (D3)
(Department of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics)


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