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University of Shizuoka Forum 080303

Annual Progress Report, 2007

University of Shizuoka Forum 080303: Annual Progress Report of Global COE Program, 2007

Date: March 3, 2008
Place: Small Auditorium (Shokodo), University of Shizuoka

Progress Report 1

10:00-10:10Introduction to Global Center of excellence for
Innovation in Human Health Sciences
Naohide Kinae, Program Leader / Vice-President

Research Project 1:
10:10-10:30Efficacy, interaction with co-administered drugs
and safety of medical herbs
Shizuo Yamada, Professor of *GSPS
10:30-10:45Leaf extract of Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) relieves
oxidative stress and injury of the stomach of
Mongolian gerbils infected with Helicobacter pylor
Naohide Kinae, Program Leader / Vice-President

Research Project 2:
10:45-11:05Plantibody as a component of high profile
functional food
Yasuyuki Imai, Professor / Dean of GSPS
11:05-11:20The engineered type III polyketide synthase
produce diverse plant polyphenols
Hiroshi Noguchi, Professor of GSPS

Research Project 3:
11:20-11:40Prevention of Lifestyle-related diseases
by food ingredients and nutrients
Hiroshi Ohshima, Professor of *GSNES
11:40-11:55Development of highly sensitive determination
methods for alpha-lipoic acid and lipoyllysine,
and their application to biological specimens
Toshimasa Toyo'oka, Professor of GSPS

Research Project 4:
11:55-12:15Effective applications of bio-markers predicting
subnormal metabolic/health status in human subjects
for the outcome research of intervention studies
towards personalized nutrition/drug usage
Toshinao Goda, Professor of GSNES

Poster Session

13:30-14:30Poster No.1-43
Program members, research assistants, and
recipients of individual COE grants

Progress Report 2

Research Project 5:
14:45-15:00Global COE Health Sciences English Communication Programs
Philip Hawke, Associate Professor of Global COE
15:00-15:10Learning experiences at OSU
Takeshi Ogawa, Graduate student of GSNES
15:10-15:20Presentation of research 1
Yoshinori Uekusa, Graduate student of GSNES
15:20-15:30Presentation of research 2
Yasuo Hirooka, Graduate student of GSPS
15:30-15:40Presentation of research 3
Hideaki Tazoe, Graduate student of GSNES

Comments by External Reviewers

*GSNES:Graduate School of Nutritional and Environmental Sciences
*GSPS:Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences