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Research Activities

Research Project 5

Development of Health Sciences English Communication Programs:

In order to expand international exchanges and encourage the proactive transmission of information abroad, instructors of English in Project 5, working together with supervising professors, will develop methods for improving Ph.D. students’ academic presentation and writing skills in communicative English. Some students, after their local linguistic training, will participate in the Shizuoka Health Sciences English Program at the Ohio State University to advance their academic and communicative competence, through language courses, academic exchanges, and course enrollment.

Project 5 includes the following programs:
1. Scientific English Seminars
2. Intensive English Study Abroad Program

1. Scientific English Seminars

(I) Giving Scientific Presentations in English

This seminar has two related purposes. The first is to provide students with the knowledge of what makes a presentation effective. The second is to improve their ability to give effective presentations. It is essential that students acquire enough knowledge to enable them to continue working on their presentation skills independently after the seminar has finished.

(II) Scientific Writing in English

The purpose of this seminar is to help students improve their English scientific writing ability. Emphasis will be placed on writing summaries of articles in scientific journals, writing scientific papers, and writing abstracts. In the seminar, students will study the principles of effective scientific writing and attempt to apply these principles to a summary, a paper, and an abstract of their own.

2. Intensive English Study Abroad Program at OSU

Shizuoka Health Sciences English Program (SHEP) is provided to the University of Shizuoka Health Sciences Ph.D. students by the American Language Program and the Institute for Japanese Studies at The Ohio State University.

To improve oral and written English communication skills for Health Science professionals from the University of Shizuoka through a task-based curriculum within the context of Health Sciences.

The Shizuoka Project Curriculum focuses on the linguistic and academic skills essential for professional success in a global environment using English as the medium of communication. The curriculum includes work in listening and speaking, reading and writing, and academic skills.

A Great Success in 2007

Dates of the Program: December 2- December 22, 2007 (3 weeks)

Length and Structure of the Program:
The American Language Program delivers 45 instructional contact hours over a period of three weeks. Instruction consists of 3 hours per day. Individual tutorials with the instructor are held with instructors. Guest lectures delivered by personnel from the College of Pharmacy, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences, or the University Hospitals are included. Experienced and credentialed staff deliver all instruction.

Intensive English Study Abroad Program in 2008:
2008 Shizuoka Health Sciences English Program (SHEP)