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Graduate Schools

Nutritional and Environmental Sciences

Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences

This department is constituted by the Division of Food Sciences and the Division of Nutritional Sciences with their strong mutual cooperation. The former division focuses on tea, for the production of which this prefecture is the highest in Japan, as well as other functional foods, in the aspects of basic and applied sciences on function, safety, and production including application of genetic engineering. In the latter division, we investigate the actions of food components including trace elements in organs such as the digestive system, kidney, and brain with attention to lifestyle-related illness, cancer, aging, and stress. Biomarkers including genetic markers have also been developed and utilized, and clinical research and education have been integrated.

Department of Environmental Health Sciences

That is composed of the Division of Chemical Sciences and the Division of Ecological and Health Sciences, where we deal with environmental sciences related to the origin, fate, environmental impacts, and human risk assessment of chemical pollutants. The department is characterized by interdisciplinary research on the effects of environmental factors such as chemicals, microorganisms, and radiation on ecosystem, human health, and vital functions at the levels of organs, cells, and genes.
This graduate school is open not only to students but also to researchers and foreign students interested in the molecular basis for a sustainable society.