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Program Outline

Program Leader

Greetings from the program leader, Naohide Kinae

Expectation to Global Center of Excellence for Innovation in Human Health Sciences

Naohide Kinae
Vice President / Professor,
Graduate School of Nutrition and Environmental Sciences

In the previous 21COE program, we established and developed a new academic field, “Human Health sciences,” to facilitate fruitful research collaboration between food and nutritional sciences and pharmaceutical sciences. Our on-going efforts have made significant contributions to the development and practice of innovative food and drugs required for the maintenance and promotion of health.
In our Global COE program, we support global research, education, and services in the field of health-longevity science. To this end, our proposal for this program recognize the need to foster future professionals who exhibit-expertise and leadership in the innovative interdisciplinary field which has amalgamated the field of food and nutrition with pharmaceutical science. We also intend to produce food and nutritional experts who appreciate the structure and properties of chemical drugs while simultaneously creating pharmaceutical scientists who thoroughly understand nutritional physiology as a vital base for sustaining human life.
Through this program, we hope our graduate students and faculties can understand each other and join the research to achieve a new scientific field in health-longevity science.

Naohide Kinae
Program Leader
Global Center of Excellence for Innovation in Human Health Sciences